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The project duration will be 22 months and the work has been structured in 6 Work Packages (WPs). The project has been divided into 2 main phases:

  • PHASE 1 (months 1-12):

The final developments and innovation needed to make QUIBIM Precision a complete product are undertaken.

  • PHASE 2 (months 13-22):

Activities addressed to integrate, optimize and demonstrate the product are undertaken.

During the project, we will coordinate all the planned tasks and contribute to their accomplishment. In particular, we will lead the works related to the finalization of the new imaging biomarkers, their validation, and development of algorithms for automatic analysis (WP1); we will lead WP3 for the integration of the new computing performance and data visualization frameworks; and we will carry out the pilot demonstrations planned in WP4. Finally, we will be in charge of the exploitation and cordination WPs (WP5 and WP6).

  • Finalization of the development of the new imaging biomarkers in the areas of brain, lung and oncology.
  • Clinical validation of the new biomarkers and finalization of the algorithms for automatics calculation.
  • Improvement of the general computing performance of QUIBIM PrecisionⓇ by developing a High-Performance Computing (HPC) Framework.
  • Add new and valuable functionalities to QUIBIM PrecisionⓇ based on Data Visualization. 
  • Integration of new biomarkers.
  • Integration of HPC and Data visualization frameworks.
  • Translation, GUI Interfaces and Optimization of Modules
  • Define the demonstration pilots and monitoring processes.
  • Execute the planned demonstration pilots.
  • Validate their results.
  • Promoting the project and its findings during the period of the grant.
  • Securing of IPRs and knowledge resulting from the execution of the project.
  • Review and assess the work being carried out by optimizing resources within the project, monitor subcontracted tasks, involve all company departments in the innovation process, facilitate the take-up of results by incorporating them in the Business Innovation Plan and in the Commercial Plan, implement coaching and mentoring advice, and ensure that all aspects of the EC requirements for communication and reporting are met.